The front of the admin building as seen from the side with a light dusting of snow.

Colorado State University’s Division of University Operations serves the university through leadership in organizational development and resource management.
  • Conceptualizes the future of the university’s buildings, grounds, and infrastructure, bringing that vision to life through sustainable construction and renovations of existing buildings to support the university’s future growth.
  • Works towards the most efficient and innovative administrative operations, leveraging strategic partnerships with internal and external partners.
  • Coordinates and manages the university’s budget and budget processes, including providing detailed information to the public about university funds, and providing compliance oversight.
  • Engages in  strategic planning to support  the university’s growth plan and address diminishing state funding.
  • Creates meaningful  benefits for employees that make CSU an enriched community in which to work and thrive.
  • Manages human resources with dedication to best practices for creating a work environment that focuses on fairness and equality, and engages our professional workforce in the success of students, faculty research, service, and to the overall success of the university.
  • Assists in overseeing safety on campus for our employees, students and guests.
  • Assesses and mitigates risk to employees and students, including striving for regulatory compliance, injury prevention and reduced costs.
  • Creates and maintains beautiful, sustainable grounds and oversees stewardship of university lands and properties.